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Java3DTM Enabled Browsers

Viewing the "Virtual Reality" (VR) pages on this site requires a web browser that is enabled with JavaTM 1.4.0 or later and Java3DTM. Also, be sure to read the Specal Status Report regarding Java3D applications on the web.

Browser 3D Enabling

Currently no browser ships with Java 1.4.0 or later pre-installed, and no browser ships with Java3D pre-installed. However, both can be added to most browsers via downloads available for free from Sun's web site.

Here's how to upgrade your browser for cross-platform web-based 3D operation:

  1. Obtain the latest version of JavaSE (Standard Edition) for your system (Linux, Solaris, or Windows) from Sun's Java download site. Install the Java Plug-in for your browser of choice following the instructions available on the download site and in the distribution.

  2. Obtain the Java3D distribution for your type of system (Linux, Solaris, or Windows) from Sun's Java3D site. Install the Java3D distribution in the Java Plug-in directory of your browser according to the Java3D distribution instructions.

  3. On UNIX and Linux, Java enforces extremely tight protective security for your system. A complex applet such as CM Surveyor requires you grant it permission to perform specific read and access operations on Java-related files in your browser installation. To grant this permission, download this Java security policy file which has been developed specifically to allow the CM Surveyor applet to run on your system while retaining all other security protections. Install this file as follows:

  4. These security protections apparently are not enforced on some versions of Windows, and are on others. If you get "SecurityException" errors when Surveyor attempts to run on Windows, install the Java security policy file as described above.

  5. Finally, check your browser preferences to be sure Java applet support is enabled. The relevant menu path for Netscape is "Edit - Preferences - Advanced - Enable Java". The menu path for other browsers will be slightly different, but similar.

Other System Requirements

In addition to the above, Java3D requires that an OpenGL-compliant 3D engine be installed on your system. Details on this topic, including alternatives other than those presented below, are available at Sun's Java3D site.

Your browser installation should now be ready to view the VR pages on this site.

Rick Lutowski, Principal

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