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The First Agile Slugout:
eXtreme Programming versus Freedom

Round 3
Sustainable development

Howard: We are ready for the start of round 3. Round 3 will pit XP and Freedom against each other for best support of Agile Principle 3, Sustainable development:

    Agile processes promote sustainable development.
    The sponsors, developers, and users should be able
    to maintain a constant pace indefinitely.

Don: The two contenders are approaching the center of the ring for the third time. Not surprisingly, XP is limbering up to throw its "No Overtime" punch. Meanwhile, Freedom is extending his glove to...

Howard: I don't believe it!

Don: ...to shake hands!! Howard, Freedom wants to shake hands with XP on this principle!

Howard: Ooof! XP let Freedom have right between the eyes! Doesn't look like XP wants to shake hands, Don.

Don: I wouldn't think so, Howard. XP is really ticked after loosing round 2... "cheated out" of round 2 is what Peter overhead at ringside. XP is out for revenge, Howard.

Howard: XP isn't content with just "No Overtime" punches, either. Now he's starting to mix in some "Iteration Planning" jabs as well. Freedom has gone into defensive mode. Why isn't Freedom hitting back?

Don: Well, Howard, Sustainable development is another management principle...

Howard: Oh! Yeah. Looks like Freedom is in for another beating, Don.

Don: And he's getting it too, Howard. Under the circumstances, he's taking it pretty well, but the bruises are mounting. Freedom is looking back at his corner for his management methodology partner, but of course there isn't one there for him today.

Howard: There's the bell. End of round 3. No question about who won this round, Don.

Don: Look! Freedom is offering to shake hands with XP on the "Sustainable development" principle again, Howard. XP is just ignoring him.

Howard: There's the official signal from the ref. The score is now -- XP 2, Freedom 1.

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