Political JReality

In the beginning, there was never any doubt about which worlds were real and which were virtual. Today, "progressive" thought has progressed to the point where it is often difficult to tell the difference. These pages are intended to help keep the distinction clear.

America's Ruling Class -- And the Perils of Revolution (pdf)

Excellent article from the American Spectator describing the mess America is in, how we got there, and what it will take to get out.

The JReality of Global Warming

Some say it is a crisis. Others say it is a hoax. The JReality is here.

The JReality of Agenda 21

What does the environmentalist "green" movement and one world government (aka, the "New World Order") have to do with one another? Answer: UN Agenda 21. The JReality of a shocking Orwellian scheme is detailed in this presentation.


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