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The development of CM Surveyor, CM Creator and the API Technology products utilize the innovative "Freedom" development methodology. Originally invented to support the NASA Space Station Freedom Project, Freedom is a next generation, service-oriented methodology that emphasizes the client rather than the developer, and quality rather than documents. The new buzzwords for these principles is "agile" or "lightweight" software engineering, yet Freedom incorporates over a decade of actual experience putting these principles into practice. Only relatively recently (April, 2003), however, has Freedom been authorized for public release by NASA. JReality is the first to bring this exciting space-age software technology to the industry.

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Professional Training Courses

"Software Cost Reduction via Requirements Encapsulation and Definition for Developers" (RED-Dev) professional training course   (Register)

Progress through PerspectiveTM

This course presents a new perspective on requirements.
The result is a requirements methodology with unique properties:

Clear differentiation of requirements from design
Ability to reverse engineer requirements
Explicit requirements architecture
Canonical design architecture
Systematic infusion of quality
Requirements encapsulation
Elimination of traceability
Requirements neutrality
Reusable requirements at code level
Reduced development time and cost
Reduced maintenance time and cost

The centerpiece of Freedom is a practical approach for encapsulation of requirements in code objects. Software Cost Reduction via Requirements Encapsulation and Definition (RED) is a professional course on requirements encapsulation authored by a member of the Space Station team that invented Freedom and the requirements encapsulation technique.

RED for Developers teaches how to define requirements in a clear and precise manner that streamlines requirements discovery, reducing development time and cost. It also teaches how to encapsulate requirements in code objects to ease requirements change after initial release, reducing software maintenance cost. The two together reduce total software life cycle cost. The requirements encapsulation and definition strategy taught in RED may be used with Freedom, or to replace the comparatively less efficient requirements approaches of other methodologies.

Take the first step toward improving the the quality and cost of your project's software by registering to attend RED for Developers now.

  • Audience: All development staff

  • Hands-On: 40% lecture, 60% labs, quizzes

  • Questions? email

"Software Cost Reduction via Requirements Encapsulation and Definition for Managers" (RED-Mgr) professional training course   (Register)

This is a shortened version of the Developers course tailored to managers, project planners, and others who need to understand a more cost-effective approach to requirements, but will not be directly involved in the technical side of the development process. All lectures of the full course are presented, but most of the exercises intended to provide hands-on proficiency are eliminated. Thus, decision makers can obtain the understanding they need more quickly.

Put your project on the path to lower software costs and higher product quality by registering to attend RED for Managers now.

  • Audience: Project managers, planners

  • Hands-On: 80% lecture, 20% labs, quizzes

  • Questions? email

"Build versus Buy" professional training course

Never build when you can buy. The key is knowing your requirements, then communicating those requirements effectively to vendors. The Freedom Build versus Buy process does both in a way demonstrated to be effective at finding the right vendor to meet client needs at least cost or, alternately, determining custom software is indeed necessary.

Status: planned

"Object Design" professional training course

Discovering the objects in an object-oriented design should be a solution to a problem, not a problem unto itself. Freedom's approach to object identification and recording follows naturally from its service-oriented approach to requirements. Freedom makes object identification easier by tying object discovery directly to requirements, and more responsive to change by using an efficient object model recording notation that does not require complex drawing tools.

Status: planned

Rick Lutowski, Principal

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