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Customer Enterprise Process Model

An Enterprise Process Model illustrates the customer business process to be fully or partially automated. The process model provides context to the development team, and serves as the primary reference for customer management when defining the software system black box. If an Enterprise Process Model does not exist, the customer should be strongly encouraged to work with the software development team to create one as the first step in scoping the software to be acquired.


Software System Black Box

A software system black box represents Enterprise Process Model automation software, the acquisition of which will be managed separately. What constitutes requirements information for the project depends heavily on how many software system black boxes are defined to automate the Enterprise Process Model, and precisely where their boundaries are drawn. Where to draw the boundaries of the software system black box(es) within the Enterprise Process Model is a decision for customer management, and will usually be based on factors such as how many software development contractors are to be employed, how the total effort is to be funded and controlled, and how risks are to be mitigated.


Reuse Library

The reuse library is a physical or logical repository for software code modules that have utility beyond a single application program. Reusable software modules can greatly reduce the time and effort required to build future software systems. A Freedom reuse library contains both reusable design components and reusable requirements components.

Reusable Design Components

A reusable design component is a code module that encapsulates design information such as data structures, algorithms, and hardware-software interfaces. Reusable design components are most relevant to the Object Design process.

Reusable Requirements Components

A reusable requirements component is a code module that encapsulates all required behavior specified by a single behavior table. Reusable requirements components are most relevant to the Requirements process.


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