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"Freedom" Service-Oriented Methodology
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The First Agile Slugout:
eXtreme Programming versus Freedom

The Challenger

Don: We really don't know much about Freedom, Howard. Heard he's spent the past 12 years on private projects. Rumor is, he has a 100% success record. Not sure it I believe that or not! Here's what the says:

Freedom Service-Oriented Methodology

Howard: Parnas and Mills -- sounds like Freedom has been honed by some of the best. I suppose adaptability to diverse management styles is what you'd expect, coming out of the space program. But encapsulation of requirements in objects? Elimination of traceability? Systematic infusion of quality? Come on! Not even a champion heavyweight can do all that. Sounds like typical contender bravado to me, Don.

Don: I'll have to agree with you there, Howard. This Freedom challenger sounds more like smoke than sinew. If so, XP is going to lay him flat in short order. Well, the ref is motioning the contenders into the ring. The slugout is about to begin!

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