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The First Agile Slugout:
eXtreme Programming versus Freedom

The Current Champ

Don: Maybe we can tell more about each contender's chances in this slugout by taking a look at their bios. Here's what the official eXtreme Programming web site says about the current champ:

eXtreme Programming

Don: What the official bio doesn't say is that eXtreme Programming has been criticized as being incapable of scaling to really big jobs in government and large corporations. What do you think, Howard?

Howard: Well, it is a lightweight. Some of its moves are pretty nimble, though, and should be effective on any size job. Certainly communication and courage are important qualities as the job gets bigger. Of course, bigger jobs are inherently more complex, so simplicity may be hard to achieve on really large and involved projects. What do we have on the challenger, Don?

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