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The First Agile Slugout:
eXtreme Programming versus Freedom

Round 12
Changing requirements

Howard: We are ready to start the last round, number 12. Round 12 will be decided by best support for Agile Principle 12, Changing requirements:

    Welcome changing requirements, even late in
    development. Agile processes harness change for
    the customer's competitive advantage.

Don: The contenders are back in the ring. XP is light on his feet and jaunty. He knows he's retained his crown even if he looses this round, which of course he will try to avoid at all costs.

Howard: Freedom's jaw is hard-set and he has a determined, almost confident, look. Not despondent at all. He's no doubt going to try to make a good showing in this round, knowing that folks often hang on to that last impression the longest.

Don: There they go! XP throws a "Release Planning" punch, XP's way of adjusting to changing requirements. Freedom ducks out of the way, making XP miss. XP throws his "User Stories" punch. It glances off Freedom as he rolls with it. XP continues to throw his two requirements punches. Freedom backs up toward the ropes, staying at arms length and keeping XP's punches from connecting. So far Freedom hasn't thrown any himself. Strange.

Howard: Now Freedom circles back away from the ropes, keeping just far enough from XP to make his punches ineffective. XP is following, trying to get in close enough to really connect. Now XP is between Freedom and the ropes. Freedom stops backing, finally letting XP come a bit closer...

Don: A lighting quick "Definition of Requirements" and "Prioritization of Requirements" 1-2 punch from Freedom! XP bounces off the ropes. A quick 360 spin gains momentum for an "Encapsulation of Requirements" blow that catches XP on the rebound off the ropes. A devastating smash to the head!!

Howard: XP is down on the mat. He appears to be out cold! The ref is starting the count. 1..2..3..4..5.. still no movement from XP. 8..9..10!! XP is out!

Don: It's a technical knockout for Freedom!!

Howard: Freedom TKO'd him, Don. Incredible! Freedom wins the match on a lightning quick technical knockout.

Don: The ref is signaling a win. Freedom's arms are up in victory!

Howard: XP's trainers are out on the mat trying to revive him. He's still out cold. They're signaling for the stretcher team. XP is being carried off.

Don: What were you saying about a "good showing in the end" Howard?

Howard: I wasn't expecting anything like this!! I still hardly believe what we just saw. Freedom's strength and agility for requirements changes almost defy description!

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