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Freedom Interview

Don: Peter is with Freedom now.

Peter: That was a phenomenal showing in the last round! How did you do it?

Freedom: Requirements are what I do best, man! That's what I was created for, work out constantly for. When it comes to requirements definition, change, and agility -- I'm the best!!

Peter: For a while you were pretty far behind XP. Were you ever worried?

Freedom: Coach and I knew we'd trounce him in the end.

Peter: Ok!! Anything else you'd like to say to anyone?

Freedom: I'd like to thank Dr. David Parnas and the late Dr. Harlan Mills for their great guidance. And all the fine folks who worked on the Space Station Freedom Software Support Environment Project for bringing me up right. And of course, to my coach, who slimmed me down to lightweight class, works me out constantly, and teaches me new moves. Without them I wouldn't be who I am. Oh, and hi, Mom!

Peter: And here's Freedom's coach. Congratulations on a spectacular win!

Freedom Coach: Thank you. It's been a long road getting here, over 12 years. But I think we've shown what Freedom can do, even when judged against the new Agile rules, with all their flaws.

Peter: Freedom certainly shows a lot of technical power and agility. It's clear Freedom's strength is technical, especially in requirements, and that you defer management issues to a partner methodology. Do you have a favorite management methodology that you prefer as a partner?

Freedom Coach: We do prefer to focus on the technical side of software development, and leave the management aspects to a partner methodology. We believe that separation of management and technical concerns has important advantages for a project. No, we have no current favorite management methodology. We are investigating some of the newer ones like Crystal and Lean, but have not reached any conclusions or formed any preferences yet.

Peter: XP showed some pretty good management moves today. Would you consider partnering Freedom with XP, coach?

Freedom Coach: Yes, XP has some great management attributes. We would consider partnering with them if XP agreed to shoulder only the management role, and deferred the technical side to Freedom. But that is up to XP.

Peter: Thanks very much. coach. Again, congratulations on a stunning win!

Freedom Coach: Thank you.

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