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XP Interview

Peter: We were finally able to catch up with XP's coach. We have him here now. How is XP doing? Is he Ok?

XP Coach: XP is just fine.

Peter: That's really good to hear. Coach, this was obviously a disappointing loss. What do you think of Freedom?

XP Coach: Totally unorthodox.

Peter: You have to admit his technical moves were effective today.

XP Coach: We don't admit to any such thing.

Peter: Is XP ready to fight Freedom again to regain the crown?

XP Coach: As far as we're concerned, XP never lost it.

Peter: What about the idea of XP being a management methodology partner with Freedom?

XP Coach: No comment.

Peter: Anything else you care to say, coach?

XP Coach: No. Excuse me, I've got to go.

Peter: This is Peter at ringside. Back to you, Don.

Don: Thanks, Peter. Here's Howard with the recap.

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