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Principles -- Evolution

Analyze & Track Change Requests

Unless otherwise authorized by customer management, delivery of the release archive for the final release group transfers responsibility for the application to the customer software maintenance staff.

When the customer user staff identifies ways in which the application may potentially be improved to enhance its effectiveness in automating the Customer Enterprise Process Model, they fill out a change request for each suggested change and submit them to the maintainers. The maintainers log, analyze, and track the change requests. In concert with customer management, the change requests are prioritized. Those with the highest priority are scheduled for implementation, usually starting with the Requirements task since most change requests from users will concern changes to the requirements. After the initiating users verify the change has been implemented satisfactorily, the change request is closed.


Analyze & Track Bug Reports

When suspected errors in the application are found by users or system administration personnel, a bug report is filled out and submitted to the maintainers. The maintainers log, analyze, and track the bug report.

If the result of the analysis is that a bug has been found, the maintainers fix the bug by repeating the development process starting at a task appropriate to the nature of the bug, and concluding with a new version of the application delivered to the users. Only after the initiating users verify the bug has been corrected is the bug report closed.

If the result of the analysis is that the problem is a user error or otherwise not a bug, the initiating users are notified of the true nature of the problem, and the bug report is closed.


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